Would You Be Well-Served By Purchasing A Made-To-Measure Mirror?


As a homeowner, there is certainly not a shortage of accessories that you can decide to install within your property, in order to make it feel more-homely. If your children have grown-up and flown the coop, you might like to have photographs of them dotted around – this is certainly a firm-favourite amongst loving parents. However, a product that will appeal to everyone’s inner interior-designer is a high-quality mirror. More-specifically, however, we are talking about bespoke mirrors that have been cut-to-size. If you need any convincing as to the benefits surrounding this type of purchase, feel free to take a look at the helpful list that Fitted Mirrors have put-together down below.

1. Unique to you

Walk into any home-supplies shop, and you will be able to leave with a visually-appealing mirror in your bag. Whilst this is all well-and-good, it is important to keep in mind that this is a product that can be found in properties up-and-down the country. Should you be looking to put-together a home that is unique and personal to you, your best-bet would be to order a custom-made mirror.

2. Fits your property

Depending on the room that you are thinking of placing a mirror within, it may be that you need to purchase a mirror that is manufactured especially for you. This can subsequently ensure that you can hang your new purchase wherever you see fit; regardless of the dimensions of your wall, you can make sure that you don’t encounter any pitfalls. Provided that you take the time to accurately measure your dimensions, there shouldn’t be any major problems going forward.

3. Customisable options

Some people think that smart-and-sophisticated mirrors should be without a frame, as this conforms to the minimalist trend that is dominating the world of interior design at this moment in time. However, other homeowners might feel that the type of mirror that suits them will be one that is surrounded by ornately-carved bronze. One of the great things about custom-made mirrors is that it does not matter what your preferences are. Once you have informed your supplier, they will work tirelessly to create a mirror that is in-keeping with the aesthetics that you have tried to cultivate in your home.

4. Practical functions

So far, we have focussed predominantly on the ways in which bespoke mirrors are an improvement on the classic units that can be found in high-street shops. However, we would also like to quickly draw your attention to the way in which mirrors, on the whole, play a practical role within the modern home. Picture the scene: you are getting ready for an evening with your friends, and want to be looking your best from the moment that you walk out of the door. An easy way in which to make this a reality is to have mirrors dotted around your house.

Fitted Mirrors – How Can We Help?

With so many excellent reasons as to why you might like to purchase a top-tier, made-to-measure mirror, it is understandable that you may now be on the lookout for a company that can cater to your needs. Perhaps the mirror that is currently situated in your bathroom is past its best, and could do with replacing; it could be that you would like a floor-to-ceiling sized mirror to be placed in your entrance hallway. Whatever particular idea you have in your head, you can be certain that if you entrust Fitted Mirrors with your project, the results will be to your liking. To place an order with us, or discuss our capabilities in greater-detail, please feel free to chat to our support team today on 020 7737 1430.

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