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As of 9 November 2021

When you look around your kitchen, you will no-doubt find a large number of accessories that are beneficial from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint. Amongst these, one that stands out from the crowd is the classic glass splashback. These are often constructed out of mirrored glass, and there are various factors that contribute to these being considered best-sellers. Should you be attempting to put-together a beautiful kitchen, and are struggling to make this a reality, it may be worthwhile continuing your reading down below. Here, you will find Fitted Mirrors’ explanation as to why mirror-glass splashbacks are the way of the future.

Heat Resistant

With the amount of heat that is generated within the kitchen, it should be rather obvious that mirrored kitchen splashbacks are excellent at being able to regulate thermal energy. Placed directly next to your hobs, these are usually made from toughened glass – this means that regardless of how hot they get, they will not warp or lose their shape. When you are keeping an eye out for splashbacks, it is vital that you ensure that they are constructed solely from toughened mirrored glass.

Visual Impact

To some of you, this may be something of a controversial argument – should you have spent a lot of money on your kitchen’s decor, you may not be taken by the idea of hiding it behind a splashback. However, the mirrored nature of these offers something slightly different to the norm. The aesthetics that these possess is, in part, why the sales have started to surge. If you are determined to be unique, but are finding it difficult to achieve the desired effect, you may be well-suited to a splashback.

Tidier Kitchen

By far-and-away the selling point that puts splashbacks in a league of their own is that they are easy-to-clean. Moreover, they ensure that you are not left with mess splattered across your kitchen walls. Were you to take a moment to contemplate the different substances that could potentially stain and leave permanent marks, it would not take long for you to be starting your search for a top-of-the-range, custom-made splashback.

A Word About Us

Now that you are beginning to see the value that kitchen splashbacks have to offer, the only thing that is left to do is identify a retailer that can leave you completely satisfied. In this department, the first name that should come to mind is that of Fitted Mirrors. A glance at some of our exceptional Trustpilot testimonials should be enough to convince you that, from a quality perspective, we are unmatched. Our ability to combine top-tier customer support with immaculate products is, in essence, the foundations of our success.

Fitted Mirrors – Here to Help

Have you invested a significant amount of effort into trying to produce first-class kitchen design ideas, but feel as if something is missing? Are you convinced that you have made the right choice regarding your colour scheme, but wish to find the last piece of the puzzle? If these statements apply to your current situation, the chances are that you are a prime candidate to invest in a mirror splashback for kitchens. Whilst there are a number of retailers that will profess to being right for you, few can match the standards set by the Fitted Mirrors team. We understand what it takes to produce a contemporary kitchen that is second-to-none, and would be more-than happy to assist you on your journey. Why not drop us a note directly at and place an order with us today?

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