Why Glass Shower Screens Are So Popular

As of 31 March 2021

As you’re probably aware, shower screens are used to stop water from spraying all over the bathroom floor when you’re showering. Unless you have a specially designed wet room, shower screens really are essential and without them, it is likely that you will experience all kinds of problems with water damage. Thankfully, when choosing a shower screen for your bathroom, you will have plenty of options and it is easy to find something that ticks all of your boxes.

One of the most popular solutions in this regard is a glass shower screen and whether you have a rectangular corner shower, recessed shower, open walk-in shower or even shower bath, a glass shower screen is the perfect solution to your bathroom needs. There are numerous benefits to this type of shower screen and if you’re wondering why so many homeowners opt for glass panels, keep reading today.

Visually appealing

Arguably, glass shower screens are one of the most aesthetically pleasing options available for bathrooms and they are the perfect choice whether you have a contemporary interior design or something much more traditional. The glass will complement your colour scheme and bathroom suite, and it won’t distract from the tiles you’ve used in this room either. You can trust that a glass shower screen will always look elegant whenever and wherever installed.

Easy to clean

Surprisingly to some, glass shower screens are very low maintenance too and they will look brand-new for many years to come. It is so straightforward to keep the glass panels clean and simply using something like a squeegee after you’ve showered will help to prevent sitting water and soap from staining the glass. You will never have to worry about bacteria and hygiene when you use a glass shower screen either, which can’t be said for other options.

Prevent bathroom puddles

As mentioned above, shower screens are used to prevent water from spraying over the bathroom when you’re showering and glass screens are one of the best ways to stop puddles from forming on your floor tiles. Some screens, like shower curtains, aren’t always able to prevent water from getting everywhere and a glass shower screen is the best option available when you don’t want your bathroom to look like a paddling pool every time someone showers.

Create an open feel

Due to the fact that glass shower screens are transparent, they don’t create a barrier in your bathroom either. These glass panels can help to make a bathroom look more spacious and feel bigger, and it also helps to ensure that every area of the bathroom is bright and airy too. Even if you opt for a glass shower screen that isn’t completely transparent and that’s made with frosted or opaque glass, it will still provide the same open look and feel to the room.

Versatile in configuration

Glass shower screens are very adaptable in terms of design too and not only are they available in multiple different types of glass, but they come in various sizes and styles as well. Not to mention, these shower screens can be designed in a configuration that accommodates your space. With hinged, sliding, folding or fixed shower screens available and both single and double panel designs, it is easy to ensure that the screen is perfect for your bathroom.

Using glass shower screens in your bathrooms

All in all, whilst there are a few different options available to homeowners when they’re redesigning their bathrooms, it is easy to see why so many choose to use glass shower screens. With so many advantages to these glass panels, it is no surprise that they’re so popular and if you’re considering upgrading your shower enclosure or your bath screen, it is undeniably worthwhile looking at glass options in more detail.

When you’re wanting to install a glass shower screen, be sure to visit the Fitted Mirrors & Glass website. We can help you bring your bathroom ideas to life and we have delivered made-to-measure glass to thousands of happy clients, so you can trust that we are the best company to turn to in this regard. All of our glass products are handmade by master craftsmen in our London warehouse and with a huge range of finishes, tints, styles and shapes to choose from, we will definitely have the perfect glass shower screen for your home.


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