Some Of The Best Places To Install Mirrors In Your Home

As of 4 June 2021

A huge percentage of homeowners will incorporate mirrors into their interior design. It is fair to say that mirrors are a brilliant addition to any room in the home, whether they’re wall-mounted or freestanding, and they have a multitude of benefits. Not only can mirrors help to make a room feel more spacious, but they can also make a room brighter too and, of course, they’re a functional accessory as well and are very useful for checking your reflection.

Whether you’re using mirrors as a design feature or solely for their original purpose, you can hang them in lots of different locations and they can add so much to a space. This is one accessory that will never go out of style and if you’re wondering where you should install mirrors in your home, below are some of the best places to consider.

Bedroom/dressing room

Of course, it is incredibly common for homeowners to have long mirrors in their bedroom or dressing room and many would consider them to be an essential accessory in this space. Simply installing full-length mirrors on a spare wall is always a brilliant idea, but they can also work on wardrobes or even the back of a door too. Smaller wall mirrors are perfect above a chest of drawers or dressing table as well.


This is another room that you will always expect to find a mirror in and they are a very convenient accessory in the bathroom. Often, mirrors are found in downstairs toilets, family bathrooms and en-suites, and generally speaking, they are installed above the sink. This is one of the most practical places to put a bathroom mirror and if you have a double sink, having two wall mirrors always looks amazing too.

Living room/dining room

Mirrors are well suited to communal areas like living rooms and dining rooms and they are a simple yet effective way to elevate your interior design. Many will install mirrors above their fireplace if they have one and if not, they work brilliantly above a sofa too. As far as a dining room is concerned, mirrors can be installed at either end of a dining table or even above a sideboard. Wherever they’re installed, they can become a unique focal point.


Homeowners tend to shy away from using mirrors in their kitchen, but they can work really well in this room. Due to the fact that mirrors reflect light, they instantly make a kitchen feel more spacious, bright and airy, creating the perfect room for socialising as well as cooking. Instead of opting for a traditional wall mirror in this space, having mirrored splashbacks is a great alternative and they’re perfect for modern kitchens.

Hallway/entrance room

In a lot of homes, mirrors are found in the hallway or the entrance room and they are multipurpose in this space. Having a conveniently installed mirror to double-check your appearance before heading out is very useful and wall-mounted mirrors in this type of space are also handy for reflecting light and preventing this area from being dingy. The right mirror in your entrance area can help to improve the first impression of your home too.

Outdoor space

Whilst this isn’t necessarily a room inside your home, it is worth noting that mirrors are a brilliant addition to any outdoor space too. Whether you have a balcony/terrace or a garden, installing a mirror on a wall or a fence can help you to create an inviting sun trap. Mirrors can also help to make your outdoor space seem bigger as well and when strategically placed, they can highlight the natural beauty of your plants and flowers.

Buying mirrors for your home

When wanting to install mirrors in your home, hopefully, the information above will have given you some inspiration. It is fair to say that mirrors really can be installed in every room of your home and it is easy to find the perfect mirror for the space you’re wanting to accessorise. It is even possible to create bespoke mirror designs nowadays too, so if you’re struggling to buy a mirror for any of the places mentioned above, be sure to visit the Fitted Mirrors & Glass website.

We know that the right mirror feature can transform a living space and our knowledgeable and highly skilled team will help you buy the best mirrors for your home. We are committed to providing the highest quality mirror products to our customers and our fast turn-around times and price-match guarantee make us the go-to for many complex made-to-measure mirror projects. If you have any questions at all regarding buying mirrors via our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, we’re always happy to help.


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