Should I Order a Low-Iron or Standard Mirror?

As of 6 June 2021

If you’re looking for ultra-sharp reflections with crystal clear colours, a low-iron mirror is a perfect choice. We discuss which circumstances and settings would best benefit from investing in a low-iron mirror, and where you can confidently make cost savings by opting for a standard mirror.

What Is a Low-Iron Mirror?

Low-iron mirrors are specially made to provide sharper reflections and clearer colours. Also known as a high-definition mirror, this type of product does not have the greenish tint of ordinary glass, which can neutralise reflections and result in duller images. This is because the glass is produced using a special process during which the iron particles are removed, resulting in an ultra-clear finish and increased light transmission. Fitted Mirrors & Glass stocks the high-specification Pilkington Optimirror™ range, which is copper and lead-free, while being more resistant to natural atmospheric corrosion which can cause black edges and spot faults. The Optimirror™ offers an impressive 94% light reflection in a 4mm thickness.

Where Are Low-Iron Mirrors Best Used?

Because this type of mirror provides truer colours, it is best used in situations where clearer images, natural skin tones and improved clarity are most important. Hairdressers, spas and beauty therapy salons are an ideal environment for the use of low-iron mirrors, where reflection can make or break a sale and impact a client’s satisfaction. Bridal, clothing and jewellery stores rely on high-definition, true-colour reflections and would benefit from low-iron mirror installation as well. Photography studios are also an ideal environment for the use of sharper, brighter mirrors.

Around the home, low-iron glass is great for skylights, splashbacks and wall partitions, where its nearly colourless appearance allows light to flood into your living space. Glass shelves and windows can also benefit from the exceptional clarity of this type of glass with its vastly reduced green particles.

When Should You Opt for a Standard Mirror?

Although the term “standard” might make it seem like this type of mirror is of lower quality, our standard mirrors are highly durable, corrosion-resistant and suitable for most household applications. You can choose between standard 4mm or 6mm thicknesses, or a bespoke 3mm or 5mm thickness, and opt for a bronze or smoke-grey tint if you’re looking to make a dramatic impact. For any application where a super high clarity reflection is not essential, a standard mirror will suit your needs perfectly fine.

How Durable Is a Low-Iron Mirror?

Low-iron mirrors are constructed from highly durable materials and are not prone to shattering. If you are purchasing a low-iron mirror for use in a children’s bedroom, bathroom or areas of the home where there is a greater risk of accidental damage, we recommend opting for safety film backing when placing your order with us. This acts as a safety measure that prevents the glass from shattering into lots of little pieces and falling from the mirror frame, should your mirror break. It is highly adhesive and has excellent holding power, so regardless of the style, shape and size of mirror you choose, this is a reliable and worthwhile investment.

When deciding which type of mirror to choose from, it’s always a good idea to ask the craftsperson you are commissioning for their recommendations based on your requirements and budget. Fitted Mirrors & Glass is happy to provide advice on all aspects of your commission. Simply give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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