How to Commission a Custom Mirror

As of 10 March 2021

Our Experts Share What to Consider When Ordering a Bespoke Mirror

Thinking of commissioning a made-to-measure mirror? The right piece can bring light, warmth and a sense of space to your living environment. Our design team is here to offer expert advice on how to commission a bespoke mirror that perfectly suits your style.

Before You Brief Your Designer…

Knowing how you will use your mirror is essential before you commission it. An antique mirror will sit perfectly above a Victorian fireplace, for example, while a classic silver mirror is ideal for a sleek and modern bathroom. Think about your room before you consider which style, shape, size and colour of mirror to choose.

Also have a budget in mind that you’re comfortable with – the cost of mirror per metre can vary greatly depending on the materials used and finish selected. It’s always a good idea to shop around before deciding on which bespoke mirror company to use, unless the business you’re considering has a price-match guarantee and you’re confident that they offer the best possible service.

Make sure that you’re aware of any additional costs before agreeing to commission the work, such as delivery and installation fees, framing and any extra costs for materials that have been specially ordered in for you.

Start with the Basics

Did you know that low-iron mirrors are now available, which provide higher definition reflections with more vivid colours than those of standard mirrors? Consider whether you’ll opt for a standard or low-iron mirror, whether or not you will have a foil safety backing – this offers additional protection to your mirror and keeps all pieces in place should your mirror break, and is highly recommended for larger and heavier mirrors – and which wall fixings you’ll need, if any.

Selecting a Mirror Colour and Style

Cool Colour Choices for Modern Appeal

Your mirror colour options are endless. Choose from classic silver or a striking bronze or grey tint, or, for something truly unique, opt for a custom mirror colour, such as rose, green or blue. Alternatively, you can opt for a satin finish that is acid-etched, which adds a soft and warm shadow to the reflection that is as unique as it is chic.

Antique Venetian or Roman Styles

If your setting is classic rather than modern, consider opting for an antique-style mirror with stunning scrolling and curved corners that will perfectly complement your timeless decor.

Choosing a Mirror Shape

The shape of mirror you choose should enhance and complement the overall style of your room. Planning a modern bedroom for your son or daughter? Why not opt for a fun and playful diamond-shaped mirror? Alternatively, an arch mirror would perfectly match a rainbow princess theme! If you’re planning for a more classic setting, opt for a circle or oval shape that’s pleasingly gentle on the eye.

Edging Options

Most standard mirrors have a perfectly polished edge, which makes them easier to frame. However, a range of alternative edging options is available. For a sleek and sophisticated look, opt for a bevelled edge in your choice of angle – most bevels are angled from 20 to 40mm into the mirror, but you can opt for a special custom bevel if you’re aiming for a more dramatic and contemporary look.

When you pull together all of these elements in a harmonious way, you’re sure to end up with a sleek, sophisticated and elegant mirror perfect for your chosen interior decor.

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