Glass Splashback: The Kitchen Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed

As of 1 July 2021

Should you be entertaining the idea of spending some money on upgrading your kitchen, there are countless courses of action that you can choose to take. For example, you could decide that the state of your oven is slowly-but-surely declining, and therefore could do with replacing. However, an accessory that might have previously escaped your notice, but could do-wonders for your interior aesthetics, is the glass splashback. As skilled manufacturers of these units, Fitted Mirrors is here to provide some valuable insight as to why this could make for a shrewd purchase.

Incredibly easy to maintain

When you think about the various elements that are made of glass within your home, you will immediately cast your mind towards the amount of time that you typically have to spend cleaning them. A perfect example are your windows – for them to remain in pristine condition, you need to routinely scrub them for an extended period. Thankfully, this is not an issue to concern yourself about when you are looking into purchasing a mirrored kitchen splashback. In a matter of seconds, you can have this reflective surface gleaming in the light once more.

Deals with heat well

Usually, you will find silver mirror splashbacks installed behind the hob – the reason that we wish to draw your attention to this fact is because it should give you an indication of the level of durability that these units possess. In this section of the kitchen, you can expect there to be a significant amount of heat. For the glass to not-warp, it needs to undergo an extensive toughening process. Once completed, the results will undoubtedly continue to amaze you long after you initially made the purchase.

High-quality aesthetics

Although it may not have occurred to you, the fact of the matter is that a glass splashback can have an incredible impact from a visual standpoint. For those of you that have a vested interest in interior design, it is only natural that you will do everything in your power to create a beautiful kitchen. With a variety of colour schemes from which to choose from, you can be rest-assured that it won’t be difficult to create a design that gives your kitchen the ‘wow’ factor.

Budget-friendly purchase

Whilst this is certainly not the biggest selling-point associated with splashbacks, it is important that you do not disregard the price-tag of these types of units. When you initially think about the first-class mirrored glass that is used for these products, you would understandably make an assumption that it will cost you a rather large sum of money. However, this is far from being the case – in reality, you can use this to improve your kitchen design without having to completely empty your bank account for the privilege.

A Final Word

If, after having weighed up the various pros-and-cons associated with a mirrored splashback, you have come to the conclusion that this type of accessory would be a welcome addition within your kitchen, the next step that you need to take involves sourcing a retailer. Preferably, they will have extensive experience at creating first-class products, and will easily be able to cater to your specific needs.

In this department, it is hard to look past Fitted Mirrors as being the perfect company for the job. The heat-resistant, easy-to-clean units that we can supply you with will leave you grinning from ear-to-ear, and we would love to have the opportunity to add you to our satisfied rank of customers. To get the ball rolling, please feel free to drop us a message today at

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