Glass Splashbacks

Our bespoke glass splashbacks are handmade using the finest Pilkington™ and Saint Gobain materials. Choose between standard clear glass, low-iron glass for an ultra-clear pane or satin finish glass for privacy and obscuration – ideal in a bathroom or as a kitchen-diner separator.
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At Fitted Mirrors & Glass, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality, personalised service. If you’re unhappy with part or all of your order, we will happily replace products within seven days.

The Fitted Mirrors & Glass Team

About Fitted Mirrors & Glass

We founded Fitted Mirrors & Glass based on a firm belief that the right glass or mirror feature can transform your living space. Our knowledgeable and passionate team has spent years honing their craft and can help with any home improvement or property development project, no matter the size or scale.

Our commitment to providing quality in fast turn-around times and price-match guarantee make us the go-to for many complex made-to-measure mirror and glass projects. We use only top-of-the-range machinery to cut, polish and bevel our glass and mirror pieces, so you can be assured of a beautiful and professional finish.


Square or Rectangle Mirror

A classic square or rectangle mirror is ideal for use in many different design applications, from standard bathroom and kitchen installations to commercial salon and restaurant refits.

square mirror

Arched Mirror

Arched mirrors give a stylish and sophisticated look to your interior decor, and are great for adding softness and interest to any room.

arched mirror

Diamond Mirror

If you’re looking for a truly unique mirror style that’s sure to stand out, opt for a diamond-shaped mirror. These will add a sense of fun and flair to your living environment.

diamond mirror

Circle Mirror

Round mirrors are a real classic and particularly perfect for bathroom applications or dressing rooms.

circle mirror

Double-Ended Arch Mirror

The double-ended arch mirror is a unique and elegant shape that is both sophisticated and fun. This would be a great addition to your master bedroom or living room.

double arch mirror

Ellipse (Oval) Mirror

An oval mirror is a very popular choice for dressing rooms and bedrooms because of its practical yet elegant shape.

oval mirror

Pentagon Mirror

One of the most unique and interesting mirror shapes, a pentagon style is ideal for fun and striking design projects. It’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

pentagon mirror

Standard Clear Float Glass

Our standard glass is ideal for toughening and is made from high-quality materials. Clear float glass can sometimes be low E or K options; please call us for these options.

low iron & clear glass

Low-Iron Float Glass

This glass has a reduced iron content with no residual greenness for an ultra-clear pane. It’s ideal for use in high-end building works and can be toughened.

low iron & clear glass

Satin Float Glass

Our acid-etched glass has a sandblast effect on one side for a striking satin finish. It is easier to clean and more consistent than standard sandblasted glass.

Satin glass

Tinted Float Glass

Our grey or bronze-tinted float glass is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, from restaurant booth separators to statement wall art. This high-quality tinted glass can be toughened.

Bronze Tint Glass

Two-Way / Spy Safety Mirror

A truly classic design, our standard silver mirror is made from high-quality materials and cut to your specifications. Choose from 6mm and 4mm thickness in standard stock sizes, or opt for 3mm or 5mm thickness (non-standard stock items).

two-way mirror

Acid-Etched Satin Mirrors (Silver, Bronzed or Grey)

An acid-etched mirror is textured to have a highly polished surface with reduced reflection. The satin finish is consistent and durable – it will not peel or discolour over time and is ideal for modern styling.

acid etched satin mirror

Toughened Mirrors

A new product, toughened mirrors – otherwise known as chrome mirrors – are mirrors that are five times stronger than standard mirrors.

toughened mirror

Antique Mirrors

Our antique mirrors are timeless and elegant. A hand-antiqued finish provides an authentic look, and you can choose between a variety of bevelled edges and shapes that complement the antiqued finish and create a striking overall look.

If you are looking for a classic and sophisticated mirror that will fit perfectly in a country house setting, our hand-antiqued mirror is a great choice. Opt for bronze or silver finishes and select a bevelled edge and double-ended arch shape for a truly stunning overall look.

If you would prefer a different antiqued finish, we can provide custom hand-antiquing options, including cloud antique mirrors in silver or bronze and heavy antique mirrors in silver. These finishes can take up to three weeks to arrive, as we order the sheets in specially for processing.

antique mirror - Venetian


antique mirror - Versailles


antique mirror - Roman


Bronze Mirrors

Looking to make a bold design statement? Our bronze mirror is available in high-quality 4mm or 6mm glass. The soft brown/bronze finish gives a refined and luxurious feel to your living space and truly stands out from a standard mirror finish. Bronze-tinted mirrors are usually available immediately for orders and can be dispatched in as little as 24 hours, depending on current order volume.

bronze mirrors

Grey/Smoked Mirrors

For a more subtle effect that is eye-catching and sophisticated, opt for a grey/smoked mirror. This beautiful mirror gives a darker reflection with a smokey hue. It’s available in both 4mm and 6mm thicknesses and would look exceptional with a bevelled finish for a truly modern feel. Grey-tinted mirrors are usually available immediately for orders and can be dispatched in as little as 24 hours, depending on current order volume.

smoked mirrors

Other Tinted Mirrors

For a striking and utterly unique look, choose from a green, gold, rose, blue or pink tint. These tinted finishes can take up to three weeks to arrive, as we order the sheets in specially for processing.

coloured tinted mirror


If you opt to add no wall fixings to your mirror, you will need to supply your own adhesive, screws, J-clips or alternative fixing method once you receive your order.

Mirror Adhesive

Fitted Mirrors & Glass supplies Evergrip mirror adhesive, an environmentally friendly adhesive with no solvents that is fast to grab and quick to cure. Evergrip takes immediately and will set securely within 24 hours. You will need to use approximately one tube for every square metre of mirror.

mirror adhesive

Mirror Screws

Our steel mirror screws have chrome-plated domed caps and rubber sleeves designed to protect your mirror. Mirror screws are provided in a standard screw length of 32mm, and you will need to use approximately six screws, depending on the size of your mirror.

mirror screws

J-Clips (for 6mm mirrors only)

Our mirror clip set includes four clips in a bright nickel-plated finish, matching screws and plastic liners. The clips have raised back ribs to ensure that the screw head sits flush with the clip away from the mirror backing. This reduces the risk of scratching.

J clips

J Bars/Channels (for 6mm mirror only)

J-Channels are individually polywrapped to prevent scratching during shipping. The back leg is punched and slotted for easier installation. Standard J-Channel is normally used on the bottom in mirror installations. The Standard Finish is Brite Anodised, but others may be available.The front lip is approx. 20mm deep.

J Bar


If you opt not to have safety foil backing on your mirror, it will be more prone to corrosion in damp environments like kitchens or bathrooms. Non-backed mirrors are also at greater risk of damage and breaks, as they do not have the added strength provided by the high-bond, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Aluminium Safety Foil Backing

Aluminium foil backing protects your mirror from moisture and salt, preventing corrosion in damp environments like kitchens and bathrooms. The foil also strengthens your mirror and provides protection, so if your mirror ever breaks, it will hold together and not fall off the wall. We highly recommend aluminium foil backing.

Aluminium Safety Foil Backing

Standard Corners

Standard corners have not been sanded down or curved, so while they are not rough, they will retain their sharpness. A standard corner is suitable for mirrors that will be framed or wall mounted.

standard corners

Dubbed Corners

Dubbed corners are sanded slightly to remove sharp edges. Also known as polished edges, dubbed corners are ideal for glass table tops, as they can safely be left exposed.

dubbed corners

Radial Corners (10 mm / 30 mm)

A radial corner adds a soft edge finish to your mirror and is ideal for many different design applications. Choose from a 10mm or 30mm radius for the corners of your mirror.

radial corners

Rough Cut

This type of edge is only to be handled by professionals in the framing industry, as it is very sharp and there are likely to be small cracks in the edge of the mirror or glass.

rough cut

Polished Edge (Standard Finish)

The standard finish for 90% of all mirrors and glass, a polished edge mirror has a similar finish to that of a bathroom tile and is ideal for interior decor applications.

polished edge

Bevelled Edge

Bevelled edges are angled from 20-40mm into the mirror or glass and provide a stylish and elegant finish to your design. A special-bevelled edge is angled to your exact specifications for a uniquely stylish design that perfectly fits your aesthetic. A shaped-bevel edge provides a unique look to your mirror, adding interest and style. Choose the exact angle for your bevel edge and we’ll cut it to order.

bevelled edge

  • Your mirror will be cut to size when you place your order.
  • Please specify the exact dimensions you require in millimetres, centimetres or inches.
  • We recommend that you allow an additional 3mm width and length if you are experienced in fitting mirrors, or 5mm additional if you are new to fitting a mirror.
  • We aim to cut your mirror to within 1mm of your specified dimensions and will always cut it to within 3mm of your required size, as per the Glass and Glazing Federation requirements.
  • The dimensions you provide should always be the maximum dimensions of the mirror and not the length of a particular side.