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Mirrored walls and Fitted Mirrors

This is our bread and butter, a large proportion of the new residential developments in London and the South East have at least one of our fitted mirrored walls in their show houses, and fitted mirrors in their bathrooms. Our success has been due to fitting to walls very accurately with the smallest of tolerances, cost and speed of delivery.

Mirrored and Coloured Splashbacks

A follow on from Mirrored Walls and Fitted Mirrors, using similar techniques and applying modern technology we now offer painted splashbacks for modern kitchens. Using specialist glass paints (not emulsion or car paints) mixed with special adhesives and hardeners and applying in a controlled environment, we can achieve any colour with in the RAL charts. Please be aware that samples are expensive to produce and therefore are required to be paid for. Our main clients to date have been the high end designer kitchen companies such as Alternative Plans in London and two of the largest designers such as Vogue Interiors and Connections in Design.


Working with a large metal work shop we design and install our own balustrades with glass up to 22mm thick. These can either be framed or frameless, the advantages being able to satisfy any designers needs while remaining inside building regulations. Our last large client was the Cadogan Estate, and recently we have been bringing our experience to smaller local projects where standard fit just will not do.

Shower Units

A large part of what we do is shower screens and shower cubicles in 8mm and 10mm toughened glass, in either clear or bronze tint. All metal parts i.e. hinges, handles, supports, channel and reinforcement bars are supplied by a Bohle of Germany. The popularity of our showers is due to the thickness of the glass (an extra 2mm-4mm thick over standard shower units) it really does exaggerate the quality of the shower and all our fittings are as discreet as possible, meaning very few gaps, no large chunky channels and as little rubber coaxing as possible. Antique, Bronze and Grey Mirrors and Other Specialist Glass Many designers require antique, bronze and grey mirrors. These expensive mirror types require exceptional care as they very often will be the focal point of any installation, therefore subject to the highest scrutiny. Also because of their cost require the utmost care in handling so as to enable the installation to be as inexpensive as possible.

Laminated Glass

Using cold pour we can laminate all types of glass together, enabling us to offer the highest levels of security and safety required. Among other things this can produce toughened, toughened heat soaked laminates – essentially bullet proof. We carry in stock a standard range of 4.4mm and 6.4mm laminate, diffused laminate (allows light to pass but you cannot see through it) and diffused extra white laminate.

Painted Glass

We spray paint glass to any RAL colour required, over 1000 different options, in a three coat process. The paint is a special glass paint (the only one in the county) mixed with an adhesive and hardener (not car paints/emulsions /gloss) enabling us to guarantee no peel or after service defects(initial quality is also alot better). We also carry a stock of extra white lacobel, white lacobel and black lacobel. All our painted products are quoted on extra white (low iron) glass, this removes any green tint from standard glass. If however an exact colour match is not required the cheaper standard glass float can be used.

Bevelled Glass and Mirror

Using our inhouse Bevone Mini Max we are able to bevel most glass and mirror to any size ie. from 5mm to 40mm, this provides a feature finish for any glass that is to become a focal point within a room or to fit a style created. Bevelling is used extensively not only with specialist glass such as Antique Mirror (as this is usually feature glass), but also with bathroom or small cloakroom mirrors to add a bit of style.

UV Bonding

Essentially glass glueing, enabling a clear seamless finish to glass glueing, using UV light and specialist compounds. The bond is so strong that glass shelves can easily be UV bonded perpendicular to mirror without any further support. A strong bond will ofter sheer the glass before the bond breaks.


We have a wide knowlege of most glass products and a growing knowledge of acrylics, please feel free to test this by calling us between 8.00am and 5pm on any business day